Frequently Asked Questions

For frequently asked questions, you can find answers here. We are also happy to answer your questions personally. Give us a call, write to us, or visit us at the studio. We look forward to hearing from you!

Can I book by phone?

You are welcome to call us anytime if you have any questions. However, for booking, we kindly ask you to use the inquiry form on our website. With the fully completed inquiry form, we have all the necessary information for a quick and reliable processing of your booking. Additionally, we can send you a booking confirmation with all the details, and both of us (Agnes and Josef) will be informed about your booking.

Can I simply come by your place?

We are only present at the studio during scheduled times, which is why we cannot guarantee that we will be available there without prior notice. If you would like to visit the studio, we can certainly arrange a viewing appointment. Just give us a call or send us an email.

Photoshoots are only possible with prior booking through our website.

I would like to do some preparations (set up, makeup, etc.) before the photoshoot. Can I come earlier?

As mentioned before, we are not at the studio outside of the booked times. A reservation is required for the entire duration you wish to use the studio, even if you are not taking photographs. Therefore, please plan your preparations within the booked time.

We will be at the studio 15 minutes before the start of your booking to let you in. If you need more time for preparation, please make a longer booking.

I have a lot to carry, a stroller, or similar items. How do I get to the second floor?

At the rear entrance of the building, there is an elevator that you are welcome to use. However, it only operates with a key. So, when you ring the bell, just let us know that you would like to use the elevator, and we will gladly meet you at the rear entrance (around the corner, Mittermayergasse, between the massage salon and the doctor’s entrance – iron gate).

Can I park at your place?

The entire 13th district is a short-term parking zone on weekdays until 10:00 PM, including all streets around our studio. Only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, parking is free. This measure has made parking much more convenient, and finding a parking space takes less time. However, please still plan enough time for parking.

The photoshoot lasts one hour. Is it enough if I book for one hour?

The paid booking time starts when you enter the studio and ends only when you leave the studio. Therefore, please book not only the actual shooting time you need but also consider the time you require before and after (setting up, makeup, breastfeeding, dressing and undressing children, packing up accessories you brought, rearranging moved furniture).

Please keep in mind that the next customers after you would also like to start on time.

I have a pet. Is it allowed to come along?

Pets are not allowed in the studio under any circumstances. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions. We need to consider both allergy sufferers and small children. When multiple photoshoots take place consecutively, we do not have the opportunity to conduct a thorough cleaning and remove pet hair from furniture, for example.

I have reserved one room, but I also like the other room. Can I go over there?

If the other rooms are currently available, it is possible to expand your booking and use other rooms for an additional fee. Please ask us, and if needed, we will inform you about the cost of using another room.

I love interesting perspectives, for example, from a higher vantage point. Do I have good chances for that at your place?

Of course! We are prepared for that and even have a tall ladder ready for you. Just let us know when you need the ladder.

We would like to ask you for one thing on this occasion: Please do not use the furniture to climb on.

Am I allowed to rearrange the room?

The decorations and furnishings are movable and designed for you to express your creativity. You are welcome to rearrange the booked room and move the smaller pieces of furniture. However, we kindly ask you to restore the room to its original state at the end of the photoshoot. Therefore, please also consider the necessary time for this in your booking.

In case of significant damage or soiling to the room or inventory, we will have to charge you a cleaning fee of 20 euros.

Can I pay at the studio with a credit card or debit card?

Unfortunately, there is no option to pay with a debit card or credit card at the studio.